The Online Quiz App

Engage your audience with live, virtual or hybrid smartphone quizzing anywhere in the world.

Free to use with up to 4 players or pay to host up to 100,000 players in a quiz with no downloads required.

The Online Quiz App

With thousands of ready-made quizzes on demand, multiple question types and national leaderboards, KwizzBit is perfect for:

With thousands of ready-made quizzes on demand, multiple question types and

 national leaderboards, KwizzBit is perfect for:


Grab your friends and family for a fun, playful quizzing experience that’s suitable for all ages.

Pubs & Bars

Build a successful pub quiz night that regularly gets people into your venue, any night of the week.


Drive engagement in meetings and events, gamify your company’s training or get your team bonding in-person or remotely. 


Host and play interactive quizzes to spread awareness and raise money for your favourite charity, local school community or society.

Build, host and play amazing smartphone quizzes in minutes

Enjoy online, interactive quizzing with friends and family


Create a quiz in minutes from over a database of over 30,000 questions


Schedule and host live, virtual or hybrid quizzes for your audience


Enjoy dynamic speed-based smartphone quizzing from anywhere in the world

Create quizzes, fast

Using the online quiz builder, you can write quiz questions from scratch or pick from our database of over 30,000 questions.

Featuring a simple, intuitive design, so you can create the perfect online quiz in minutes.

Create your free account and get quizzing

Online quizzing made easy

Quizzing should be all fun and no faff.

By combining smartphone technology with human focused design, we’ve created an interactive quiz experience that can easily be enjoyed by anyone.

No matter how bad you are with technology.

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